Your Only as Strong as The Community You Serve

When looking to hire a home inspection company, know that J Bixler Inspections believes in giving back to the communities that support us. A strong community builds for great local business. We hold annual events that promote education and fitness to children in our area. Since opening in December 2016, we have provided clothes, shoes and back packs to kids in need, brought joy to the Christmas season with our “Letters to Santa” and sponsored and coached multiple little league teams.

J Bixler Inspections Secret Scholar

Since 2017 J Bixler Inspections has held The Secret Scholar. We believe that every child should be able to go to the first day of school with confidence and a mind ready to learn. By providing a few new outfits, shoes and a backpack a child in need can go to school not worrying about appearance and concentrate on school work. A smile can go a long way and an act of giving can change someone’s life.

Letters to Santa

At our office every year we put out a special mailbox that sends letters to the north pole. Every child that puts a letter to Santa in the box receives a special letter from “Gadget the Elf” and Signed by Saint Nick himself.

Little Leagues

Our Owner Josh Bixler has been coaching little league baseball with WCLL since 2013. We also sponsor multiple teams throughout the year.

The Inspectors

J Bixler Inspections has a Softball team called The Inspectors. They play in multiple tournaments every year that raise money for local charities. Go INSPECTORS!!!!!

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