Drone Inspections

A decade ago, drones were simply known as fun toys that children (and adults) would fly around, like any other remote control device. Today, drones are more than just toys—they’re useful machines found in a variety of industries.

Drones are commonly used in the real estate industry to perform inspections on buildings. A drone inspection is a safe and affordable way to look for possible issues or to simply assess the condition of a property over time. 

What Can a Drone Do?

Drones offer a variety of benefits for inspection companies. They include the following.

Capture Images Quickly and Safely

A drone inspection significantly cuts down on the time needed for employees to perform an inspection. If scaffolding needs to be constructed (and then dismantled later), it may take an inspector days to access and assess a hard-to-reach area. A drone, on the other hand, may be able to inspect the same area in roughly 4-5 hours. 

Detect Issues

Drones are helpful in effectively detecting a variety of issues. Through thermal imaging, a drone inspection can identify leaks, energy loss, and defects. You can view areas that may experience future malfunctions so you can determine if repair or replacement is needed.

Take High-Quality Images

Drones produce high-resolution images, allowing you to view cracks, misplaced wires, and other defects, even at high elevations. You can review 2D and 3D models of the area at various angles. This digital record allows you to inspect the area from anywhere and label problem spots. 

Keep People Safe

The construction and oil and gas industries are dangerous. Having inspectors go into confined areas where chemicals and unsafe materials may have leaked can be unsafe and cause injuries or even death. Drones are small enough to navigate into these tight areas. Plus, drones often have obstacle avoidance features that allow them to navigate very close to structures. This allows them to inspect these areas thoroughly without having to risk human safety. 

Save Money

A drone inspection can be less expensive than a regular one. That’s because labor costs are expensive, and when a drone is present, a human doesn’t have to be. Because a large majority of inspections don’t uncover any issues, drones can technically be used for full maintenance. 

In addition, without drones, an inspection company would have to use specialized equipment in order to assess various structures, such as: 

  • Electrical equipment
  • Pressure equipment
  • Windmills
  • Towers
  • Solar panels
  • Storage tanks

A drone saves money as well as the time needed to set up this equipment.

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The usefulness of drones has been documented in various industries, including the real estate field. A drone inspection offers many benefits. If you’re looking for possible issues with your property, a drone can help. Contact J Bixler Inspections to schedule an inspection in northern California today.