As we all know, experience and passion in any field of expertise is where knowledge and leadership are born. The owner and Sr. Inspector of J Bixler Inspections, Josh Bixler has been employed full-time in the construction and inspection industries since the age of 15. While most home inspectors can claim to have completed some DIY projects around their home or worked for their dad’s roofing company during the summer, Josh has had his hand in many aspects of the home whether new builds, remodels or termite repairs. Josh’s father Victor Bixler owned his own construction company and for the most part his boys Josh and Michael worked on his crew starting in high school as they both went on independent studies. They built beautiful custom homes throughout Tuolumne County. Josh then spent 5 years working as a WDO repairmen and inspector. Josh has thousands of inspections under his belt and is one of the very few Certified Master Inspectors in our entire region.

Don’t fall for gimmicks! Sadly, many home inspectors only meet the minimum requirements for certification. It takes approximately 108 hours of online school to become a home inspector. Therefore, it’s important to know whether your inspector just took a test to become “Certified” or if he/she actually knows how to identify critical issues and upcoming expenses on your future home or commercial building.

As a Certified Master Inspector, Josh has successfully completed much more specialized training in each field of inspecting properties to ensure the quality of our inspections meets and exceeds even the highest standards in the industry.

The choice is easy! Bixler has established a proven reputation of customer satisfaction and reporting accuracy every client hopes to receive from an inspection outfit. We firmly believe our services are the highest-quality available in our region while still remaining competitive. Saving money when choosing a home inspection company often costs new homeowners thousands of dollars in unforeseen repairs during their first few years of ownership.

Home Inspection Prices


Square Footage of Property Estimated Inspection Rate
Up to 1,000sqft $400
1,000-1,500sqft $450
1,500-2,000sqft $475
2,000-2,500sqft $500
2,500-3,000sqft $525
3,000-3,500sqft $550
3,500-4,000sqft $575
4,000-4,500sqft $600
4,500-5,000sqft $625
5000 above Call

Pool and Spa


Inspection Type Price for inspection
Pool and Spa $200
Bundled Price $150
Leakalyzer /wb $175
Alone $250

Sewer Scoping


Inspection Type Price
SS with home $225
SS alone $325
Mapping $50




Inspection Type Price
Starting Price $500

The price will vary with each inspection due to the size of rooms etc.

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