Home inspections play an important role in the process of buying or selling a house, though that isn’t the only time they matter. They can be helpful in determining the condition of your home while you own it. You don’t want to let just anyone into your home though. You need to find a quality home inspector. So what should you be looking for?


There isn’t a national certification requirement for home inspectors. Instead, the requirements for becoming a home inspector are left up to the states. In California, home inspectors aren’t required to be licensed. In fact, the requirements for becoming one are quite lax, overall. That can leave homeowners in a tough spot when it comes to choosing the right inspector. Just because they aren’t required, however, doesn’t mean that there aren’t licenses and certifications that can be obtained. We have been certified by InterNACHI, so you can feel confident that our home inspectors are qualified for the job.


Every home inspector started out without having any experience. That may not be a good reason to let an unseasoned inspector into your home, though. You want someone who knows what they’re looking for and what they’re looking at when they see it. Look for home inspectors who have experience working with homes for a while. If you aren’t quite sure who to look at, talk to a real estate professional or friends and family. They may be able to recommend someone who’s been in the business for some time (or just call us – that works too).


You wouldn’t just let anyone off the street into your home and let them wander around for hours, would you? So why wouldn’t you look closely at the reputation of any home inspector you’re considering before you hire them? You should absolutely look at the reputation the home inspector has before you even make the first phone call. Start by looking them up. Take a look at the reviews they have on search engines and social media platforms. See if there have been any articles written about them, both good and bad.

If a home inspection is going to be truly useful, it needs to be done by the right person. When you’re looking for a home inspector, make sure you look at their qualifications, experience, and their reputation before you hire them. That will help you identify quality home inspectors that you can trust to allow into your home.

Learning about the person you’re about to hire is an important part of making sure you’re hiring the right person. Come learn about us so you can see why we’re the ones you should be calling.